Friday, 11 March 2016

Different Styles of false ceiling

In old days people would work hard to make there ceiling unique and stylish, they would take many days thinking how their ceiling should be because they could not change it later on, but now, with the advancement in technology, we can always hang a secondary ceiling over the original one, with war less pain, hard work and expenses, which also comes in different looks, styles, colors and costs. The best part is, it’s always reversible, you don’t have to stick to one only, it’s replaceable as well.  

What false ceiling lets you do is to play with different color combinations and lighting of the room, also it lets you use your creativity while having the peace of mind that it’s not permanent. Let’s have look at some of the most popular styles of false ceiling.

Tray ceiling:

Tray ceiling has 2 levels of false ceilings that normally create a rectangle or an oval, it gives a very classy look and also can hold the accent lighting which is very popular now a days. It’s normally used in kitchens, dining and living rooms. Its lets you experiment with myriad designs and explore the diversity. The most popular now a day is the 3D effect which people create through simple tray ceiling. Another popular purpose of tray ceiling is to create warm colorings in the room, which looks very attractive.

Tray false ceiling

Beam ceiling:

Do you still like old houses where the wooden beam was visible? You like to have it in your home but you have plane white ceilings? You can do it now, thanks to false ceilings. You can make you TV lounge look like an old winter house which had these big wooden beams shown all over. Which are famous in horror Hollywood movies.  It is recommended to have this type of ceiling to a bigger room; it feels better in a spacious place. Timber should be fixed properly while installation. As they are additional they should get a sturdy grip. Then some nice polish and correct lighting will make your space like you always dreamed of. Ha-ha.

beam false ceiling

Coffered ceilings

Do you need your room to look luxurious; this ceiling type can do it for you. Coffered ceilings give you a charming old and architectural look to your room. The design may depend on your taste, be it square or rectangular, it actually creates a grid look where you can experiment with different lighting as well, and the middle part of the ceiling is best fit for statement lights. This is one of the most admired styles in elite communities. You can also choose the trimming style of the ceiling.

coffered false ceiling

Wooden ceilings:

If you have some metal decors in your room or living then you may want to add some wooden parts on your ceiling. Wooden ceiling also compliments the wooden floor and wooden furnishing. There are some hard core fans of wooden interior like me, so with no question I would select wooden ceiling or at least partial wood work over the ceiling, you may paint the wood as well but natural color is the best with polishing. Warm lighting is best suit for wooden ceilings.

wooden false ceiling

So these are the styles of false ceiling I hope you like my article and visit other topics also.

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