Thursday, 10 March 2016

How the false ceiling is made?

Even if you are not going to install false ceiling yourself, you need to have an idea that how it’s installed so that the labor doesn’t misguide you.

Construction of false ceiling:

1.            First of all, the frame work is done to prepare the ceiling for a false ceiling.

2.            After frame work the wiring has to be done, wiring should pass through the pipes to save from any damages.

3.            Then what ever material you want like gypsum or pop, is installed by screw drivers.

4.            To fix the lights, some cutting is done, its also called lighting gala cutting. Where you need to be very careful in cutting the holes.

5.            Then next part is leveling, it is important that all the false ceiling is leveled.

This is how your ceiling gets prepared for the final stage (if applicable) which is paint. J

false ceiling

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