Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tin ceiling tiles

Everything you need to know about tin ceiling tiles from the types of tiles to how to maintain these tiles and from repair to paint work.

Types Of tin ceiling tiles:

Snap locking tiles: This type of Tin tiles can be installed directly over plaster and drywall.
Nail up tiles: This type needs a wood basing for example joists and plywood.
Drop in: This is a type of false ceiling.

Maintenance of tin ceiling tiles:

These tiles can be affected by dirt, pollution or salt deposits and needs to be cleaned regularly. To clean you just need water and soap. You may use a nonabrasive cloth or brush. Use fresh water.
Use mild detergents only, to know you may read the detergent usage guide. If it requires gloses it means it’s harsh. If you keep using harsh detergents you might not see immediately but damages may occur over time.

Trim and molding:

Both of them are not “required” but are good. You may say having tin ceiling without molding like hanging a picture without the frame.  Although crown molding is the most popular, Shoe molding is a great alternative to crown molding

Filler panels:

These can be used for visual consistency for the panels of tin ceilings.

Nails for tin ceiling tiles:

An 18 gauge brad nails with pneumatic brad nailer is most common.

Painting a tin ceiling tile:

It is good practice to paint the tin ceiling as it protects it from rust and other things but if you like the metallic look of ceiling it may be fine as well. Aluminum ceilings can also be used.

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