Thursday, 10 March 2016

Important tips for false ceiling

You need to take care of the following tips of false ceiling in order to prevent damages and also for long run benefits, below are the tips:

Mounting a ceiling fan on false ceiling:

Install the ceiling fan on the original cement or concrete ceiling; do not install it over the false ceiling even if it is not that heavy to save it in long run.

false ceiling

Water proofing of false ceiling:

You can make your original ceiling water proof by applying water proofing coating so that water doesn't drip on your false ceiling and ruin its beauty.

false ceiling

Plan ahead:

Before installing false ceiling, plan ahead of what you want and where exactly you want. Mistakes that people do here is they don’t plan ahead and on this way they cut there ceiling and make amendments, but it can never be the same as first time installation.

Seek for second hand ceiling:

You like fast ceiling but don’t have the budget? Seek for second hand flase ceilings, normally when company offices are transferred they leave the false ceiling there or sell it. That can come handy because those are fairly new ceilings.

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